First Church of Rosedale, SL9B, and You!

The celebration of the 9th anniversary of Second Life officially emerging from beta (popularly known as SL’s 9th birthday, or SL9B) starts tomorrow, June 18th, and runs for about a week. This year, the Lindens themselves are not involved in planning the festivities, leaving them entirely in the hands of the Residents… which I personally see as a Good Thing, and which is why the First Church of Rosedale applied to be part of them this year. Appropriately, the overall theme of SL9B is “community.” While our plans changed considerably in the course of putting our exhibit together, I think it turned out pretty well, and reflects that theme.

The First Church of Rosedale's exhibit at SL9B.

Yes, that’s a water slide in the background. We are, after all, an Immersionist church… and even if that’s a cheap justification thought up after the fact, it’s still not a bad one. (Also, I like water slides, and it seems to me that you used to see a lot more of them around SL. They’re part of our cultural heritage!)

If the still photo isn’t enough, there’s also a promotional video made by Crap Mariner while we were putting the parcel together:

But even better than both those things would be coming by and seeing it in person. As of 11 AM tomorrow, we’ll be in the southwest corner of the DreamSeeker SL9B Kyuu sim! In addition to the water slide, we’re bringing back the Melon-Go-Round, and we have all manner of refreshments… plus a very special freebie, which wasn’t rezzed when the above picture was taken. Let’s just say that it’ll put a spring in your step.

Check out the SL9B Community Event site for more information, including key dates and updates on entertainment. There are a lot of really cool builds this year, and I’m really looking forward to everybody being able to see them. It’s just about everything I love about Second Life packed into 20 sims. Be sure to check it out while it lasts!


One Response to “First Church of Rosedale, SL9B, and You!”

  1. daleinnis Says:

    Yay! I happened across it while stumbling and riding around the SL9B sims last night, dazed by the pretty colors and wonderful madness. (Also I dropped on you a fullperm watermelon-flavor Torley-celebrating particle fountain, which can be given away to all and sundry, or whatever, as a teeny contribution to the festives.)

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