St. Torley’s Day 2009

So here’s the scene. After a brief assault with popguns, rifles, and anything else onhand, a watermelon piñata has been demolished, filling the area with brightly colored particles, some reading “Yayzerama!” A King Kong avatar that’s literally bigger than the nearby shop is offering to give people a ride in its fist. Around the area, dancers in retina-endangering shades of pink and green are moving their feet to techno music. Meanwhile, a merry-go-round made out of watermelons continues to spin merrily.

“Oddly,” says partygoer Nadine Neddings, “this is precisely the sort of unfiltered madness I would expect from a St. Torley’s party.”

Mission accomplished.

Kaklick Martin (photo by Daniel Voyager)

Kaklick Martin (photo by Daniel Voyager)

The St. Torley’s Day party got off to a great start with a concert by Kaklick Martin, known in First Life as Bryan Baker. He played songs from his latest album, Mr. Lincoln; favorites from his previous work; covers from other artists, some reworked on the spot to be more Torley-relevant; and church hymns “Torley” and “Yayzerama.” It was a fun set, very suited to the occasion. This was the second First Church of Rosedale event Kaklick’s performed at, and we were thrilled to have him.

After that, the stream switched to St. Torley’s own compositions, and there was dancing, carousing, particles, and creatively chaotic fun in general. (Torley himself had sent his regrets at being unable to make it, and said he looked forward to seeing snapshots. We aimed to please.) Those present included a diverse cross-section of Second Life residents, united by a desire to celebrate Torley Linden.

After the party, we adjourned to the First Church of Rosedale for a special service. The introductory reading came from Wally Amos, and was cribbed from St. Torley’s own blog; from there, we moved on to telling of his lives, First and Second, and why we appreciate him.

One thing I’d like to make clear… this year’s celebration wouldn’t have been successful without the help of several people. Kaklick Martin performed, of course; several bloggers and Twitterers spread the word, perhaps most notably Daniel Voyager and Riven Homewood; Chestnut Rau included us in her New World Notes events roundup; and the other various partygoers and church attendees each added their own energy to the mix.

But most of all, this year’s celebration wouldn’t have existed without two people: Alchemy Epstein and Nakira Tennen, of Four Kittens of the Apocalypse. The party took place on their land, and they created decorations, the piñata, the melon-go-round, T-shirts, balloons, watermelon sombreros, and more. Reader, they did everything this year. About all I did was write the press release, the sermon, and this blog entry.

Finally, the most important credit of all. As I post this, we’re just entering September 15th, Torley’s actual rezday. Any good party runs the risk of having the celebration itself overwhelm the reason for getting together in the first place. That was not the case here. Torley Linden was invoked early and often, with celebrants speaking of how much they appreciated his video tutorials, his enthusiasm, his feedback, his joy. Torley’s rezday isn’t just a great excuse for a party; it’s a cause for celebration. From all of us who were there, I’d like to send our very best wishes.


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