Our Lord works in mysterious ways

Before getting to the most recent development, I should say a few words about the First Church of Rosedale (Immersionist).

The First Church of Rosedale is founded on the recognition of one simple truth: in Second Life, Philip Linden is God. We leave all beside that to the individual parishioner. You may see Him as the Zeus-like head of a squabbling pantheon; you may see Him as the One and Only True God; you may like to think of a Trinity consisting of Philip Rosedale the Father, Philip Linden the Son, and the Holy Asset Server. To quote the Grand Flack from the First Latitudinarian Church of Celebrity Saints (in John Varley‘s Steel Beach):

I don’t know if he was ever a true believer; hell, I don’t know if I’m a true believer. That’s why we call ourselves latitudinarian. If you have different ideas on the divinity of Tori-san, for instance, we don’t drive you out of the church, we give you a time slot and let you talk it over with people who agree with you. We don’t form sects, like other churches, and we don’t torment heretics. There are no heretics.

With that said, the latest message from the Lord clearly represents a significant spiritual moment. Is God being replaced? Is He moving to a higher level of divinity? Are we going to have to change our letterhead? I don’t think any one person can hope to have the answers, which is why I’m calling a special service for tomorrow, Sunday, March 16, at 2:00 PM Second Life Time.

I welcome believers, skeptics, and everybody else with open arms. Together we can get through this!


2 Responses to “Our Lord works in mysterious ways”

  1. Harper Says:

    Philip isn’t gone from us. He’s just been translated to the Holy Chairman’s Suite.

  2. Services at the First Church of Rosedale! - SLUniverse Forums Says:

    […] I would love it if you came by and bore witness. We don't actually have a catechism, though… this entry might shed some slight light on our lack of any doctrine beyond "Philip Linden is God." […]

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