Second Life In-World Travel Guide

Second Life In-World Travel GuideYou’ve likely seen the Second Life In-World Travel Guide reviewed elsewhere by now. It’s an adorable little book containing 100 destinations to visit in Second Life.

In the interest of full disclosure, I received a free copy from the author. I showed him a couple of places when he was researching it, and one of them (xXx Fantasy Escorts, which is one of the two places I call home) is included in the “Adults Only” section. So I’m not entirely unbiased.

But Sean’s a sweetheart, and there are worse ways to spend fifteen bucks.

As a travel guide, it’s not bad. Is it the single best 100 places in Second Life? I don’t think even the author would claim that. But it’s a good representative sampling of what’s out there in this great land of ours, and there are sure to be locations in there you’ll find of interest. Maybe you’ll even get around to visiting them. And I can see it being potentially useful for newbies who have no idea where to start.

Still, I think the book’s real value is not as a travel guide, but as a tangible photo album of Second Life at the time it was compiled. It’s pretty, and compact, and has many snapshots on glossy paper. Second Life is in a constant state of flux; you can keep this on your bookshelves and look at it ten years from now and marvel fondly at the goofy hairstyles, the primitive graphics, and how things used to be. I hope to include future volumes on my shelves and trace SL’s evolution over the years to come.

(I have only one minor quibble: “SIM,” “REZ,” and “PRIM” are in all-caps throughout the book, in defiance of normative usage and common sense. I can only posit a clueless editor who thought they were acronyms.)


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