First post!

Hi! I’m Samantha Poindexter, and this is my new blog.

Starting a blog is hard. I’ve been putting this off for ages, and this entry has been in draft form for months now. This is supposed to set the tone for everything that follows, or something, and it’s hard to know where to start. But, whatever. Here’s the quick introduction.

I’ve been in Second Life since February 2006. Since then, I’ve indulged in an eclectic array of pursuits. Among them:

I’m the founder of the First Church of Rosedale (Immersionist).
Located in Caledon Penzance, the FCR welcomes all in the spirit of fellowship as we sing hymns to Our Lord Philip Linden.
I run Samantha’s Shirts in Second Life and in First Life.
Samantha’s Shirts offers fine comedic T-shirts for Second Life denizens, all entirely original.
I’m the DJ at Triana’s Music Trivia.
Sunday nights, 7-8 PM, Second Life Time. Perhaps best described as “musical sadism,” past playlists have included an evening of mambos and another consisting entirely of covers of “A Hard Day’s Night.”
I’m a Mentor.
Each of us started as a newbie, and I’m not sure any of us would have gotten very far without meeting somebody helpful. I like being somebody helpful.
I’m a manager at xXx Fantasy Escorts.
I used to work there on a more regular basis, and I still live in a cozy skypod on the managerial level. These days, I mostly help edit the occasional notecard.

Other hats I’ve worn in the past include Tringo host, trivia host, and candidate for governor of Second Life.

And now I’m going to stop fiddling with this entry and hit “publish.” Let the revels begin!


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